Violin Family

I make instruments of the violin family in both modern and early forms, following the examples of great makers of the past. I am mindful of the variety of tonal ideals expressed in their various designs and feel that each type has its own charm and purpose. In pursuit of this variety, I base my violins on examples of Stradivari, Guarneri "del Gesu," Nicolo Amati and Jacob Stainer.

Violas range in size from small models (39 cm body after Betts) to large tenors (44.5 cm after Gasparo da Salo.)

My 'cellos are derived from two sources: a small instrument after Andrea Castagneri, and large models after Matteo Goffriller and Domenico Montagnana.

All these models are available as required in Baroque, Classical and modern forms.

Goffriller 4/5 string convertible 'cello.

'Cello after Montagnana, 1739.