French Viols

The refined, ethereal music of the French Baroque requires a very special instrument: sensitive, brooding and dark sounding.

English Consort Viols

This is the instrument of the classic chest of viols of William Byrd, Michael East, and John Jenkins . . .

Dutch and German Viols

Dutch and German viols, built to stouter dimensions than instruments of the French and English schools, give a powerful, well-focussed sound, rather 'cello-like in quality.


Dominik developed several models of Violone over the years, all at 16' pitch with string lengths of 100 cm or more . . .

Violin Family

Dominik made instruments of the violin family in both modern and early forms, following the examples of great makers of the past.


The lush harmonies created by the lirone or lyra da gamba are an ideal grounding for the Italian and French vocal repertoire of the early baroque.

Heads & Scrolls

A sampling of heads and scrolls from recent instruments and historical models.